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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Journal 3

Based on this week's lesson, think of a real-life situation where you can apply what you've learnt. Explain the situation and give examples.

Here's an example:
This week I learnt about percentages, profit and loss. Since my mom opens a kopi-shop, she can calculate the percentage profits and turnover. She can use these figures to make business decisions. For example, how often should she re-order stock, or should she raise her prices, etc.

Journal 1

Think about the maths lesson you had this week.
Write about what you enjoy. Write about what you dislike.

Journal 2

Create a poem on Maths.

Here's an example, I'm sure you can do better than me:
Maths make me mad,
I hate to minus and add.
Pythagoras and Euclid,
They are no ordinary bunch of kids.
Circles, triangles and squares,
I will do better I swear.
Urgh! I hate maths,
because it make me mad.